Custom Web & Graphic Design

Hello, Welcome to my website. Let me help you enhance your presence on the web by designing a new website or revamping your existing one.

image of water montage by vicki tomatis

My goal is to make it more effective, modern, search-engine friendly, and easy to update.I can also create web graphics and banners for your website, Facebook or Twitter. Feeling challenged in general by computers, I also do one on one consulting helping you with a variety of aspects in daily computing. Dazed and confused with internet marketing, and where to start with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+? I can help! Fill out my contact form, so I can empower you to have your best web presence.

About Me

Who am I?

web and graphic designer Vicki TomatisVicki Tomatis. A designer! Art  & Design have always been my passion. Throughout the years I have studied many art forms; watercolor, ceramics, graphic arts, photography, etc. My favorite subject has always been people. After graduating  with a BA, I continued to take every photography and graphic design class available. My appetite was insatiable. This lead to having my own darkroom and being a Freelance photographer/graphic artist for years. Constantly I’m updating my skills and in the last 7 years have added Web Design to my passion.

What do I do?

I design websites, blogs, posters, business cards, landing pages, greeting cards, and more. My own website is based on the WordPress platform.  Fill our my contact form and we can schedule a time to connect.