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A long time……..

It has been a long time since I have posted. My resolution was to try to post at least once a month. Ah…..  time keeps on slipping into the future. My intentions are good. So much has changed for us this last year. The studio has survived the economic downturn. We are still here! Yeah!! We love what we do and hope to keep changing with the times.  New products on the horizon are iphone covers with personalized with your photos. Tell us what you would like to see. I have not kept this website up to date because I have been busy helping others keep theirs up to date. I know excuses, excuses, my bad.

Here a sign I just created recently for a local non profit, California Vocations. They have opened a new Thrift Store.

The Treasure Cove Thrift Store Sign Paradise California

A New Year! 2012

Another year gone by in the blink of an eye! Wow. Hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year Holidays were wonderful. We have been working hard to keep our studio running smoothly. Our devoted clients keep us alive in this down economy. We are so blessed with a wonderful family, friends, and clients. We are ready for 2012. Our goal this year is to communicate better with everyone, keep our blog alive and updated! Yes! We love what we do and will continue to keep up with the latest trends yet preserve the traditional too.

alain tomatis photography happy new year

Photoshop classes coming soon!

Photoshop classes to begin in March. I’m thinking of either teaching them on a week night around 7pm. Which night works best for most people? Let me know. I also do one on one tutoring to help you with a variety of computer challenges you might be having. The Photoshop classes will Be $25 per person for a 2 hour class with a minimum of 4 people, and a maximum of 10. One on one tutoring is $40 an hour. Contact me for more information. How can I help you?

My areas of expertise are in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Outlook email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Web design, Graphic Design, and basic computer clean up and navigation.

Been a long time…..

Wow time has flown by this year. I never seem to think of things to write on this blog when I have time. Guess I need to keep a recorder by my bed because that is when I come up with topics I’d like to discuss. I’m always encouraging my clients to have a blog that feeds into their Facebook which then feeds into Twitter and Linkedin. I just never seem to find time to write in my own.

Our studio is in the midst of our busy season with the High School Senior Contract and Sports. We have an exciting project that is coming up on December 4th. We are planning to participate with a community of photographers, coming together across the world to use their photography skills to give back to their local community.  Help-Portrait is a wonderful event that will be held on  December 4th 2010,  photographers around the world will be grabbing their cameras, finding people in need and taking their picture. When the prints are ready, the photographs get delivered. We are excited about this prospect and hope to involve many local photographers both professional and hobbyist. I will keep you posted.Let us know if you are interested in joining us.

Tonight I’m off to a Rotary dinner to honor members who have given back to the community. I love the Rotary Club and it has done so much for our community and around the world. If anyone would like to join me some Thursday at Noon to find our what it is all about let me know. Happy Thursday!

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