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Working on Websites

Today has been a website work day. Updating plugins, applications, and finishing up a self storage website. The end is in sight. For a little while anyway. Lucky for me I love what I do. Time passes by so quickly……it keeps on slipping away into the future. I still can’t believe it is June already.  Before I know it I’ve been at the computer non stop since 6am. I take short breaks of course. My husband Alain is recovering from Rotator Cuff surgery and so my nursing duties call. Below is a screen shot and link to my latest project. Then I have a revamp project for a JPilar Wines to do. Never seem to find time to update my own site. This is the first blog post I’ve written in ages. I guess my new years resolution didn’t work.

Romeri Self Storage in Willows CA

Launched another website

Launching Your Perfect Day website is so exciting. Here is my latest creation for Naomi Ticknor a local Wedding Planner here in Paradise.

Your Perfect Day Wedding Planner Naomi Ticknor

New Website!

Final stages of website click here to see the live site

for Stone Circle Ceremonies.

Check out my new toolbar at the bottom!

Constantly learning new technology and tricks! Too much fun. I learned about a new toolbar from check it out! Amazing tutorials on creating websites. I can translate my page into another language. Very cool! Powered by Wibiya.

Busy week, 2 new websites to revamp! Love what I do and helping others look great on the web!

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